Solve questions why we have symptoms “Falling from a height while sleeping” (Hypnic Jerk)

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Have you ever slept, about to fall asleep? I dreamed that I fell from a high place until startled awake before finding himself still lying in the same place The startle is called a symptom. Fear of falling from a height while sleeping That is a symptom that is often seen. and can happen to anyone But this symptom is dangerous. Or is it a sign of any disease? Find out from this article.

What is falling from a height while sleeping?

Hypnic jerk is a spontaneous muscle spasm that occurs while you are asleep. Makes us feel as if we are falling from a high place. causing us to panic It usually occurs when we are in a doze, close to falling asleep. The severity of the spasms can vary from person to person. Some people may not feel a spasm. While some people may twitch so hard that the person next to noticeable This is a common symptom. And can be found up to 70%, but there is no need to worry. because this symptom is not considered abnormal Or result in harm to the body in any way.

Possible symptoms from a frightening fall from a height while sleeping 

  • Some muscles of the body twitch.
  • I feel like I’m falling from a great height.
  • feel short of breath
  • Had a dream that scared, frightened, or made him jump.
  • rapid heartbeat
  • sweating
  • fast breathing

Causes of falling from a height while sleeping

Normally, the cause of a fall from a height while sleeping may not be known. But there are some theories that speculate that This symptom may be caused by the following factors.

  • exercising too late Exercise will stimulate the body. Therefore, exercising too late. Or leave close to the time to sleep. This will cause your muscles to be stimulated, not relaxed, and can cause a panic attack while sleeping.
  • Stimulants: Certain substances that stimulate the brain and body, such as caffeine, nicotine, or certain drugs. It can make it difficult for you to fall asleep. or unable to sleep soundly
  • stress and anxiety The build-up of tension and anxiety can prevent you from relaxing and getting a good night’s sleep. These stresses keep your brain awake during sleep. and can cause muscle spasms while sleeping
  • not getting enough sleep inadequate sleep It can lead to panic attacks while sleeping.

Can falls from a height while sleeping be prevented?

Because falling from a height while sleeping is not a disease. Therefore, no treatment is required. but sometimes This symptom may also interfere with sleep. Or make you annoyed quite a bit Luckily, it’s easy to prevent falling from a great height while sleeping. Just adjust the following lifestyle.

  1. cut down on caffeine

Reduce the amount of caffeine consumption, including coffee, tea, soft drinks, especially in the evening and before bedtime. You should also cut down on other stimulants, such as alcohol or nicotine, that can disrupt sleep.

  1. Don’t exercise before bed.

Although exercise is a good thing. But exercising before bed will stimulate the body to wake up. making it impossible to fall asleep And may even increase the chances of having muscle spasms while sleeping as well Therefore, it is best to exercise during the day. to give the body time to relax before going to bed

  1. sleep time

time to sleep will allow the body to remember when to sleep and helps the body relax and reduce stress a lot

  1. turn off the lights to sleep

research found The light will stimulate the brain to be alert. And it makes us more likely to fall asleep and wake up more easily. Therefore, it is best to sleep in a completely dark room and turn off the lights to sleep, allowing the body to fully relax. And reduce the chance of falling from a height while sleeping.

  1. meditate before bed

Sitting meditation, focusing on breathing before bedtime will help calm the mind reduce the distraction of the brain reduce stress and helps to sleep more soundly Try to meditate for at least 5 minutes before bedtime.