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Cucumber, benefits, properties, precautions

a type of vegetable that Thai people know and are familiar with. It is often used as a dipping sauce, various chili pastes, fermented soybean paste, etc., or as a side dish for single dishes such as chicken rice and red pork rice. In addition

High sugar fruits that diabetics should be careful of

It is well known that fruits are foods that are beneficial to the body. Because it is rich in vitamins that are necessary for the body. But did you know that Eating large amounts of fruit can also have a negative effect on the body.

“10 ways to manage stress” are easy to do and really work.

Stress is something that everyone has to face and deal with. Especially now that many factors are accelerating people’s stress. including economic problems, work, study, traffic, relationships, and the most serious is probably the COVID-19 epidemic. This article will suggest ways to manage stress that

Coffee drink the more they become sleepy. What is the reason?

Most people know that drinking coffee helps them feel more energized. and relieves drowsiness and drowsiness (Even if you’re not a coffee drinker) many people are addicted to drinking coffee to help relieve fatigue and sleepiness. But some people argue stubbornly. That drinking coffee doesn’t seem to help anything. Drinking

10 ways to prevent symptoms “Bloating-flatulence”

Bloating can come from many causes. It may come from eating too much. Or the food you eat may be difficult to digest. But whenever I feel bloated It’s not a joke at all, because it makes us feel bloated and suffering to the point of not being able

Simple tips on how to eat to help “reduce belly fat”

In addition to exercising Important for people who want to lose weight It is a strict diet control, reducing the intake of flour, sugar, and animal fat. and add more vegetables and fruits But sometimes it’s just floating knowledge. This might be difficult to pick up and eat in a

8 factors that trigger “migraine” pain

There are many types of headaches, but the type that many people feel more difficult to recover from is migraine pain. If things that trigger the symptoms of the disease can be avoided, It will be able to reduce the risk of suffering from this disease.

Flu vs dengue fever, what are the differences?

During the dengue fever epidemic, sometimes when the fever is hot We may think it’s just a common cold. Until it may be realized that it may be dengue fever, it may already be in the period of severe symptoms. This can be life-threatening if the condition is really severe.