Bradley opens up after scoring first goal for Liverpool

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Bradley opens up after scoring first goal for Liverpool.

Conor Bradley admits it was like a dream. After scoring his first goal for Liverpool

Liverpool defeated Chelsea 4-1 at home in the Premier League on Wednesday night.

Liverpool continues to lead the pack. Leaving as many as 5 points ahead of the second-place leader.


  • Bradley was unlucky with an injury early in the pre-season, after playing the first two games and feeling pain in his back one morning. It turned out that this was not ordinary back pain. But it’s a crack in the spine. Causing him to have to rest and recover carefully. And it took more than 5 months to come back strong and play on the field again.
  • Bradley’s strengths are not defensive. But it’s about playing offensive games. Going all the way up and down and having quite a few tricks. Which comes from the background of having previously play in the wing or midfield position. Makes the story of the rhythm of adding the game or the rhythm of opening the ball in many different formats.
  • Bradley’s emergence clearly shows that this youngster is good enough to be at a big club like Liverpool for many years to come. This leads to interesting questions in the future: Between him and Trent Who should be Liverpool’s right-back?

His first game was in the UEFA Europa League against Lusk. 

Bradley was off in the final 8 minutes game. Even if it’s still awkward, not doing much. But he is a boy. That Klopp is confident is ‘real’ and ‘someone you can depend on’.

No one thought. That Bradley would prove himself so quickly.

Conor Bradley opened up after scoring his first goal for Liverpool in the game the team defeated Chelsea 4-1 in the Premier League on Wednesday night.

“It’s definitely a very proud moment, something I’ve always dreamed about,” Bradley told ยูฟ่าเบท

“I felt like I was in a dream. It’s incredible. 

I just thought ‘I’ve got to shoot it here’ and it went beautifully into the corner.”

I just ran to the corner flag. and knee-down style It’s great!”