Granit Xhaka has revealed Mikel Arteta is the main reason for staying now.

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Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka has revealed Mikel Arteta is the main reason he has remained at the Emirates Stadium until now.

Xhaka was set to leave the club in 2019 before Arteta persuaded him to change his mind.

Arteta was appoint by the Gunners in December that year. Shortly after Xhaka’s relationship with the Gunners fans collapsed beyond repair.

He react furiously. After being ridicule by his own supporters against Crystal Palace. He was previously booed and attacked by his family on social media. And after that refer to as being released from the position of captain of the team.UFABET

“Arteta is the reason why I am still at this club. Everyone at the club knows why I’m here because three years ago I was gone.” Xhaka said.

“My bag was kept. and finished with But I had an appointment with Miguel when he just arrived. He wants to hear my opinion on what happened. and I explained it to him.”

“I remember exactly, I told him ‘it has nothing to do with you (Arteta)’ because I didn’t know him. and never play for him before i know his name but did not recognize him and I said ‘I’m going now. I can’t wear this shirt anymore.”

“He said back. ‘Give me 6 months and if you’re still not happy after 6 months, I’ll help you. don’t have to escape But you can move out.”

“I don’t talk to my family. or with anyone And usually I wouldn’t do that anyway. But I just said, ‘Okay Mikel, I’ll be here for you’ and I’m still here.